Technical Expertise :

Rayco has engineered and produced over 45,000 custom power magnetic components for applications such as:

  • High voltage flybacks for detonators
  • Trigger transformers for spark gaps
  • Starter coils for missile launchers
  • Bomb rack filter for military jets and helicopters
  • EMI filters for navigation boxes
  • EMI filters and power magnetics for motor controllers and fan assemblies
  • Single phase and 3-ph planar power magnetics for aircraft wing flap actuators, cockpit displays, flight simulators, data acquisition modules
  • ATRUs for commercial aircraft galley systems for refrigerators, coffee machines, wine chillers, toilet pumps
  • Power Conversion for torpedo power and navigation gyros
  • Night vision power conversion for tanks and helicopters
  • Detonator coils for squibs and warheads

Rayco is vertically integrated and can provide strong engineering support and rapid prototyping.

  • Computer modeling with AutoCAD, P-Spice and SolidWorks
  • Rapid prototyping and samples (within 1-2 days)
  • Review SCDs and datasheets before release
  • Use of Full in-house machine shop
  • In house custom case/ cup fabrication process equipment
  • In house silk screening and laser etching
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