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    With thousands of electronics manufacturers in the world, we understand that you have a choice.  Why choose Rayco?  We have served the need of our industry for over 65 years, and over the years, our experiences have made the difference.  One thing Rayco has learned is to innovate and embrace the changes in the market.

    Every Rayco product reflects the commitment, experience, creativity and pride of our employees, along with the engineering expertise of one of the most respected professional staffs in the power control industry.

    Our product and application engineers work in close collaboration with our customers to develop the most creative, efficient, reliable, and cost effective solutions for their needs.

    Rayco has a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities to support our renowned customer base.  These capabilities include:

    • Rapid Prototyping
    • 100% Testing
    • Research/Development/Design
    • Customized Purchase Agreements
    • Warehouse Services-KANBAN or Just-In-Time
    • Dock to Stock
    • Etc.



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